Beer Tasting

MARCH 2022

KemperSports recently prepared an analysis report of the Food & Beverage operations at Bodega Harbour and presented it to the Board of Directors at their meeting held on Saturday, March 19th. The Board is in support of the recommendations as outlined in the report and are pleased to announce the following changes.


As of Friday, April 1st, the offerings at the Snack Shack next to the Pro Shop will be expanded to include an outdoor grill, additional seating, and a new menu. The new menu will be announced soon.


The Bluewater Bistro & Lounge will be temporarily closed as of Tuesday, March 29th. During this time, the Board will be working with KemperSports on the rebranding & restructuring of the Lounge.  We anticipate relaunching the Lounge on Friday, July 1st.


The Bistro (downstairs from the Lounge) is currently available for private parties & small events not to exceed 45 people. This includes BHHA groups such as the Literature Group, etc. as well as outside parties. Since the kitchen will be closed, catering will not be offered at this time.


If you’d like to reserve the Bistro space for a meeting or gathering, please contact Janelle Vanderpool at


If you have any questions, please contact Anna Taylor at


We are excited for the changes to come and will keep you updated as things progress.


Thank you.